Clenbuterol for Women – Usage Instructions

clenbuterol for women

Clenbuterol for WomenUsing Clenbuterol on women has become widely accepted recently. News and magazine stories on celebrities using this drug for weight loss contributes to its reputation. For this reason, a lot of women all over the world are now searching for options as to whether it is safe to use this supplement. Years ago, Clenbuterol Cycles were viewed as exclusive only for male and female professional bodybuilders who are interested in burning fat and better show off their huge muscles. However, during the recent years, even everyday women have turned their attention to using this pill as a great alternative to ephedrine. Aside from this, there are also other very important safety factors to consider since side effects may be expected to occur as well.

Why Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is very effective and safe to use for women, just like the way it is among men. As a matter of fact, there are even those who actually claim that it works even better in women. Because Clenbuterol is a very effective thermogenic, it can actually help women in losing more body fats as compared to men because they are prone to this, especially in difficult areas. Clenbuterol may help in this regard. Women athletes have become more accepting to Clenbuterol compared to the men because it does not come with side effects caused by steroids, such as excess hair growth and voice deepening. There are still those who decide to use Clenbuterol together with steroids and growth hormones.

Even though Clenbuterol provides women an edge when it comes to weight loss, there is still a need to engage in a diet program, just like men. Still, the metabolism boost may turn out to be an advantage that can help them in meeting their goals. Despite the fact that this drug is legal for purchase, the Department of Justice in the US reports that it is not approved for human use. The only usage that is acceptable is if it acts as a bronchodilator. The side effects of Clen may vary and can affect women and men in the same way.

The Best Way of Taking Clen

Even though Clen is generally safe and powerful as a thermogenic, women use Clen should respect the effects it offers in order to maintain its safety. Most often, women have to start with just 20 mcg every day, and may choose to stay with this dosage for about three weeks, in which they need to eventually increase the dosage to 20 mcg a day. They may choose to continue doing so until they reach a dosage of 120 mcg, even though not all are expected to take such high dosage. However, nobody should consume more than 120 mcg of Clen since there is a risk caused by higher dosage as well as long term usage. Make sure to read other articles that are describing the side effects, cycling and dosage.

Results on Women

Women who are interested in losing some body fat may take advantage of Clenbuterol. If you are interested in toning your muscles, you may consider adding HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The use of Clenbuterol on women is very important in achieving the desired fit body, but it will not reach the results alone. Women who are interested in getting this figure sometimes turn to using Anavar, which is a mild anabolic steroid that is also called as Oxadrolone. When consuming Anavar and Clenbuterol together, you can obtain an exceptional physique. If you introduce HGH as well as a lower dosage of hormone for your thyroid, you can eventually achieve an amazing body. This can all be achieved alongside proper diet and training. When women consume Clenbuterol together with the PEDs, you can expect unlimited possibilities.

Side Effects on Women

Increase in Blood Pressure

clenbuterol dosage for womenTaking Clenbuterol may result to high blood pressure among some women. The side effects to be expected may be similar to using amphetamines. Since it acts as a stimulant, it enhances the heart functions, leading to an elevated blood pressure. This may, in turn, result to cardiovascular stress. If you already have a high blood pressure to start with, taking Clenbuterol may be dangerous for you.

Cramping of Muscles

Cramps may also occur among women taking Clenbuterol. This drug consumes the amino acid supply of the body, increasing the possibility of dehydration. Taurine is also most likely to be depleted among women who are using Clenbuterol, leading to muscle cramps because it keeps the nerves of the body from overreaction to stimuli.

Excess Perspiration

Just like all other drugs which have an impact on the central nervous system, taking Clenbuterol may result to excess perspiration among women. This is a common side effect among all stimulants. It may also vary when it comes to the intensity at different times depending on the hormonal cycles among women.

Difficulty in Sleeping

Just like the other side effects previously mentioned, insomnia resulting to the intake of Clenbuterol is oftentimes due to the stimulant factors of this drug. The possibility of insomnia enhances when they are taken together with large doses of caffeine. This side effect may even impact women more due to variations in hormones. This, however, can be avoided by reducing your Clenbuterol dose or taking it at an earlier time during the day. Since Clen has not been approved for human consumption in the USA, there are no answers which are currently available based on the research studies. If you are taking Clen and are experiencing any of these mentioned side effects, you may choose to stop consuming the drug or take a lower dosage.