Men and Women Using Clenbuterol Show Results, Share Testimonials and Pictures

clenbuterol for men

clen-3What results can you expect when you take a Clenbuterol cycle? If you aim to lose weight, enhance your athletic ability, or build-up some lean muscle, this thermogenic stimulant could be the key to reaching your goals. The function of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is to boost our metabolic rate, which then boosts fat loss and improves athletic performance. Just remember that it is not a miracle pill that would just work without doing any effort or not taking it properly. It is necessary that you use it properly so that it will work. Well, it must be the most potent thermogenics out in the market, maybe even more potent than Ephedrine, however, proper use of the pill must still be observed in order to gain its benefits. In this guide, the common Clenbuterol results will be explaned, also, presents pictures and share testimonials from men and women who have tried using it effectively.

Results from Clenbuterol Fat Loss

When Clenbuterol HCl stimulates Beta-2 receptors it causes a boost in the metabolism to produce more heat in the body. The stored energy, in the form of body fat, is also burned because the Beta receptor stimulation. But you must still alter your diet to get the best benefits from this thermogenic compound. Keep in mind that Clenbuterol’s function is to stimulate the metabolism and it does not single-handedly gets rid of the fat. Changing your diet can more than help in the metabolic stimulation to drive the fat burning effect which then results to weight loss.

In summary, you must get rid of more calories than take in more in order to experience the body fat loss. Remember that Clenbuterol is used to supplement what you already achieved with changing your diet and doing exercise. This would mean that all you do is to take similar diet of decreased calorie intake and increasing productivity in your weight loss results.

Results from the Post Cycle Therapy:

clenbuterol for womenWe’ve already discussed about bodybuilders use Clen when doing cutting cycle. However, some users take both Clen and steroids at their Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. PCT Clenbuterol is usually done when a bodybuilder has already finished a bulking cycle. The anabolic nature of Clen is being used in this case to keep the muscle mass enhancement that was achieved during the bulking cycle. This might make sense to you, but in reality, the anabolic effect of Clenbuterol does not affect the human body at all. Since you are only advised to take a certain amount of it each year to keep yourself at a safe dosage, it would be better if you don’t risk using it more for purposes that do not or have little impact on your body. For a bodybuilder or athlete, Clen is best used when at cutting cycle and at low dosages only at PCT (if they are doing PCT). Keeping a low dosage for a few weeks will help fight the rise of body fat levels when you place the cutting cycle and extreme diet on hold.

Final Thoughts

Even though Clenbuterol is very effective as a fat burner, it is still essential that you keep your healthy diet so that you can experience the best possible results. This truth is one that many people don’t want to have which pertains to Clenbuterol. They would rather thing that it has strong components that it can stand on its own and the user could just sit tight and wait for it to take effect. But, it is not a pill that could magically transform you into the body that you’ve always wanted without the hassle. If you want to lose weight without doing anything, then you may try liposuction (but this is not even an option for many people). However, if you integrate proper diet and the right exercise into your program, you will have the same results that you would get from Clenbuterol. Also, you will be proud to have helped turn it into a reality, which is incredible.