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An integral part of the image of a strong man is his figure. The slender body, the relief muscles are the result of labor over oneself. And it is easier to work when convenient and proven tools are used, for example, anabolic steroids.

Anabolics are chemical compounds that affect cells, tissues and muscle structures that form and update their structural parts. They help in building muscle mass, affect speed, strength and endurance during sports activities, improve muscle relief or simply burn subcutaneous fat.

Anabolics are divided into hormones that are used in sports or medicine, and non-hormonal. The most common anabolics for muscle growth:

  • best injection site for steroidsHormonal substances (androgens, insulin, etc.);
  • Vitamins and amino acids;
  • Coenzymes;
  • Adaptogens of a vegetative nature;
  • Nootropics, etc.

Also can be divided into two groups: steroid, or anabolic steroids, and non-steroidal – protein food, vitamin and medical preparations, a number of herbal substances and supplements, sports nutrition (protein cocktails or powders, etc.)

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