What are the Best Clen Stacks to Take for Burning Fat and Bodybuilding?


A lot of bodybuilders and dieters use clenbuterol in a stack to enhance the possible extraordinary results when you take it by itself. There are a lot of available drugs and supplements that synergize exceptionally well with clen. These potent combinations allow you to bulk up your muscle mass quickly and cut weight in a short period of time. This article will be talking about the best clen stacks to take and the dosages you should be using for your cycle.

How to Prepare a Clen Stack?
Before starting to take in clenbuterol, some preparations with your body must be done first and foremost to achieve the best possible results interval running. For example, have a healthy diet by including lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. This will basically control the amount of high sugar and high fat foods that you essentially eat. You also have to increase your protein intake and consume only the amount of calories that is enough for your body mass index. It is also highly recommended to take a regular fitness program. A healthy diet and regular exercise are not just done to maintain a healthy body but to achieve long lasting good results.
Moreover, when using any thermogenic stimulant, it is important to take lots of fluids. It is vital to be kept hydrated as it maintains your concentration and helps keep you motivated and awake. In return, this will allow your body to absorb the drug as effectively as possible. If you drink plenty of water, it would also enhance the elimination of any excess waste from your body, thereby, increasing further your ability to lose weight.
Good multi-vitamin supplements must be stacked with clen no matter what your goals are. Consuming additional quantities of taurine and potassium can be done to counterpart a decrease in taurine and potassium levels which will result to muscle carmping. While taking clen, it will also be helpful to follow healthier practices such as getting enough quality sleep and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. Having a positive outlook in life such as setting yourself with small goals at a time and rewarding yourself when each goal is achieved is also recommended building muscle mass.
What are the Commonly Used Clen Stack Cycles?
Aside from the healthy diet and regular fitness regime, taking clenbuterol is best done in cycles. There are a lot of clen cycles followed by experienced bodybuilders to achieve best results. These schedules are the 2 Days On and 2 Days Off, 1 Week On and 1 Week Off, 2 Weeks On and 2 Weeks Off and the 3 Weeks On and 3 Weeks Off.
Why does the clen stacks have to be cycled?
The answer is that it is done to prevent the body from getting immune. Over time, if you continuously use it, the body will be able to build a tolerance to the drug’s effects. The body’s response will jump start once you follow an alternating cycle, thus, maintaining the effectiveness of the clenbuterol for maximum weight loss. It is highly suggested to follow the stacking and cycle guide below when taking in clenbuterol. There are actually 2 different cycles for men and women. You can begin with the early cycle and then move on to the advanced cycle.
Stacking and Cycle Guide for Clenbuterol?

Recommended Stacks
You can use a combination of winstrol and anadrol with clenbuterol or use clen with dianabol and taurine.

Cycle Guide
clenbuterol taurineIn the early cycle for men and women, there is a 2-week duration to be followed. A dosage of 40 mcg per day must be taken within the first and second week for women and men must have a dosage of 80 mcg per day.
In the advanced cycle, the men and women must follow a 3-week duration. The upper limit of dosage for women is 80 mcg per day the upper limit of dosage for men is 160 mcg per day. These dosages must be taken within the first week up to the third week.
How to Buy Clen Online?
There are a lot of websites where you can buy clenbuterol via online. However, no matter how available this drug is, it has not been approved yet by the FDA for consumption of humans. Hence, you have to be very cautious about using it and you’ll have to purchase it at your own risk. It is highly recommended to gather as much information as you need before deciding to buy and use clen to achieve your desired goals.
There may be countries prohibiting the use of clen like Australia but other countries are already allowing it to be sold in the market legally while others are available by doctor’s prescription only. Usually, clen is prescribed as a medication for the treatment of asthmatic people as this drug has a smooth relaxant effect other than its fat-burning and weight loss effects. However, you are highly prohibited to use clenbuterol if you are pregnant, diabetic and if you are a person who has a history of high blood pressure and any cardiovascular disease or cardiac rhythm disturbances.
Also, you are not to take this drug if you are taking beta-blockers as they may contradict the effects of the drug. You should not use clenbuterol if you also use cardiac glycosides and insulin. Again, you have to seek the advice of your doctor before using this supplement.
What is the Best Form of Clen To Buy?
There are a lot of forms of clen sold in the market. These products include the clen tablets, gels or capsules, raw or bulk powder, liquid drops or formulations, aerosol sprays, and syrups, kettlebell exercises. However, the most commonly preferred form is the clen tablet containing 20 mcg of clenbuterol. The second most popular is the liquid formulation. A lot would think that the liquid form is the most effective but this is only a misconception.
Clenbuterol pills or tablets are generally available in either doses of 10 mcg tablets. But, it is more sold as 20 mcg tablets.
How to Safely Use Clen?
As a powerful medication, clenbuterol is usually available below 50 mcg tablets. To produce good results, our body only has to take in mere micrograms of it. Also, it is highly discouraged to overdose oxyflux clenbuterol and use it in extentended periods of time. If you do so, you will definitely experience the adverse side effects of using it, affecting your health greatly.
Taking an initial dosage followed by a second after 10-12 hours, and a third after 36-40 hours is probably the safest way to do. If you are a novice in taking this drug or steroids should, you should begin this way to help ease the body into adjusting to Clen and then you can gradually try having a certain dose and cycle.
Most athletes usually take an average 5 to 7 tablets per day, but you should never exceed the recommended 200 mcg of Clen a day. You can still achieve good results even if you only have 80 mcg per day just like some advanced athletes do. Just remember, stacking clen for a long period of time is a no-no. The most common cycle followed by most bodybuilders and athletes is the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off schedule.