Where to buy Clenbuterol in the US and Online

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buy-Clenbuterol-150x150Finding a legitimate Clenbuterol seller online can be a difficult task because of its legality in some countries and the possibility of scammers. Many think of Clenbuterol as an anabolic steroid but the reality is that it is a thermogenic supplement. This means that it acts on the sympathomimetic central nervous system and is the same as drugs such as Ephedrine, Albuterol and Caffeine. It also stimulates the andrenoreceptors in the body which makes is a beta-2 agonist.

Clenbuterol is very well known for being a helpful tool in fat burning. It is widely acclaimed by men and women worldwide especially bodybuilders and athletes interval running. You could not probably find Clen in the usual online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay but there are several legit sellers online where you can trust. So before buying Clenbuterol online, read on to know what you should do.

Clenbuterol marketed as Pharma grade

Clenbuterol is more than meets the eye. Aside from being a fat burning agent, it was originally made to help asthmatics with breathing problems. Once the beta-2 receptors are stimulated, the respiratory system is opened up which causes bronchodilation.

Because of the usefulness of Clen in medicine, it is not under the category where the anabolic steroids are. And it is not as restricted as drugs like Anavar and Dianabol. Therefore it is easier to purchase Clen anywhere in the world except for North America since it is highly marketed as an anti-asthma drug and is regulated carefully. But in other areas, it can be purchased for weight loss purposes building muscle mass.

The most common brands of Clen you can find in the US and in Europe are NIHFI and Sopharma. These tablets are manufactured in Bulgaria and come in 0.02 mg tablets. These companies are the widely known legitimate companies that sell Clen nowadays.

Clenbuterol marketed as research grade

where to buy real clenbuterol onlineBecause of a loophole which was found in the law, people can get away with purchasing Clen by buying it as a research drug. When you buy it for research purposes, you can find that it is labelled to be not for human consumption. But users are used to this and ignore it and still use it for weight loss. There is really nothing to worry about because the pharma grade and research grade drugs are essentially the same. But like other substances such as Deca and Tren, the quality and potency of the drug depends on the manufacturing company too. Since it can be purchased for research purposes, other manufacturers purchase this grade and relabel it to market as their own pharma grade injectable clenbuterol.

Because of this, you could find different quality Clen tablets online and locally depending on who is selling it and whose name is in the label. Even if the quality of the Clenbuterol tablets you find vary greatly, you could always go to the renowned manufacturers to be safe. But before deciding to do so, you must remember that since it is labelled as for research purposes then you must take very great caution.

Pharma grade or research grade?

The difference between the two is quite big. With the pharma grade, you are assured of its high quality and its safety for human consumption. But it is also more expensive. This is due to the purification and separation processes applied to achieve the desired concentration and purity. And also due to the brand names. The usual price you can get for clenbuterol sopharma is around $40 to $80 per box of 20 mcg Clen containing 50 tablets.

On the contrary, the research grade Clen is way cheaper usually because you can purchase it more easily and it is more accessible. If you are worried about the quality, there are sellers and manufacturers that sell high quality research grade Clen too. The price of a 60 ml bottle containing a concentration of 200 mcg per ml is around $85 which is comparably cheaper to the other grade. But if you purchase the product in bulk, sellers offer discounts so you can save more.

Also, where you buy the product from is also a factor of the total price you get to pay. There are online retailers that offer consumers a great variation in process but are definitely lower than what gyms charge for drugs like Albuterol, kettlebell exercises. But the greatest amount you could pay for purchasing Clen is around $90. But before purchasing, you must take not again that the legality of purchase and usage of Clen varies by country. When you decide to use research grade Clen to aid in fat loss, you must take great caution since it is first and foremost labelled to be not for human consumption. Before you do this you must do a lot of research on the internet first about the two types of Clen grades. If you can stretch your budget, you should be safer when you purchase the drug from reputable companies and sellers whether online or locally.